The Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People

The Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People

Join Me In My Cryptozoology Experience

by Michael L Glasgow


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What you think you know about the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) people is wrong. The Sasquatch People are more than you could possibly imagine. I will Blow your mind should you choose to believe your own eyes.

Hello, my open-minded friends, this is my trip into the wild where I found the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People. I will take you on a trip with me to see what I have seen. At first, I was scared, but realized all was not as it seems. We live in a world that has more to offer than what we are told. I first went in with an open mind, not a believer, or disbeliever. I always thought to myself they could be real. I began noticing things in the forest that gave me cause to think to myself what could have done these things that I found. Stick structures, and oddly eaten turtles with no teeth marks on the shells. They were just ripped open, and flesh pulled out. Even more odd was that they were in close proximity to each other. I took many pictures, and as I reviewed them I discovered the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People were watching me from the bushes. I invite you take a look into my cryptozoology experience. You will not believe your eyes, but I have taken all these pictures myself, and only me. The Sasquatch People are here with us.

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Format: 6 x 9 Color Paperback, 50 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 29, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478791594
ISBN13: 9781478791591
Genre: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Zoology / Primatology

Author Information...

Michael L GlasgowI have been researching “The Sasquatch People” for the past few years. Upon my very first hike into the forest I began getting footage of them. I have been a man of multiple skills, your proverbial Jack of all trades. I have found in many cases that good common sense goes a long way. I have always been the go-to guy for many projects. I usually figure problems out without much issue. If it doesn’t make sense it most likely won’t work, or it’s not true. I have lived most of my life in Texas.
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