Out of Many One

Out of Many One

The Proclamation and Abstract Value of Merit A Presidential Creation True Story, Backed by Documentary Evidence

by Dufort Baptichon


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“Out of Many One" is a proclamation that can intrinsically trigger an unprecedented economic, social and political awareness in the United States. It is about a political capital claim capable of bankrupting any nation that values truth, even at a high price. This book will encourage you to reflect on some of the current problems in Haiti, my so-called third world country. Haiti has long since been subjected to the effects of denying this costly truth. President Bush writes to me, in a letter dated June 4, 2004, “So all of us owe you a ‘deep debt’ of gratitude for your support.” How deep is this debt? Can you or I attribute value to this “deep debt” or value in a medal of merit awarded to you by the president himself? I believe we can because the medal has its own intrinsic values that are not just sentimental, as in a memorabilia. It is a manifestation of intent to pierce the matrix of illusions that politicians created, with power as the common denominator. This thought-provoking study focuses on values and unveils deeper logic by tying historical events to the concepts of merit and justice, and freedom versus tyranny. In other words, it integrates facts and concepts to create values. This lays evidence for my hypothesis, my purported, well-pleaded claim. Out of Many One essentially blasts through all the political illusions that have existed since the beginning of civilization. It opens your eyes and cuts through that matrix of appearances to reveal the true essence of one specific thing, i.e., a simple medal of merit. Such an endeavor requires profound honesty. The key to my hypothesis is not only a focus on the monetary values of the subject matter but also a focus on honesty and all the many other values pertaining to it. This is a “must read” book, which brings light to what is, in reality, truth. – Dufort

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Color Paperback, 114 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 13, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478791292
ISBN13: 9781478791294
Genre: POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / National

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Dufort BaptichonBaptichon EDUCATION: Juris Doctor Candidate The Thomas M. Cooley Law School Legal Clerkship Certificate from New York State’s Highest Court. Currently a New York State Bar Candidate, Certified Computer Netware Engineer, Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business, Metropolitan College, New York, New York PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Worked as a System Engineer for one of the largest New York/ London Advertising Company; Legal Clerk and Notary Public for two New York Law Firms/Pro Bono Supervised Representations of a few clients as a student lawyer; Founder of Haitian Handicaps R Us (HHRUs), the Newly Formed Unincorporated Non-Profit Corporation Hobbies: Excellent soccer player/jogger/martial arts; enjoyed basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, action movies, drama and some mysteries AFFILIATIONS: American Management Association, The Presidents’ Association Republican National Committee
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