Crisis on the High Seas

by Clive Ramgoolam


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Cruise captures the eternal desire of working people to fulfil a fantasy that eludes them in their everyday world, where individuals get lost in the routine of work, family commitment and paying bills. The cruisers are pampered, served, entertained and fed by a crew who are engaged in their own struggles with reality. The fun seekers themselves, cannot completely escape their own challenges. Both groups are called upon to deal with their human conditions but also, to continue to seek and follow their dreams. Nature and fate intervenes and the cruise community is forced to band together in the fight for survival on the high seas. Captain Andrew Smolenki and his vivacious, spirited Cruise Director, sprung from different backgrounds, join together in a determined effort to avoid the catastrophe of over three thousand passengers and crew, going to the floor of the ocean. With them would go their dreams and their chances of redeeming themselves and getting a second chance to fulfill their lives on their return to port. This is a tale of a journey of sweet pain, love and romance in which battles are won and some are lost.

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Format: 4 x 7 Black & White Paperback, 393 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 27, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478789999
ISBN13: 9781478789994
Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / General

Author Information...

The author of this novel worked as Head of Academics at Central Etobicoke H. S. Etobicoke,in the Toronto District School Board. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Diploma in Education and Specialist qualifications in ESL, English and History and the Principal’s Certification. He has taught English and Canadian law in four schools in Toronto, and has served as curriculum leader in English and Literacy for over ten years. The author Clive Ramgoolam, has also been a member of the TDSB team, with the responsibility of writing English units for the English curriculum for high schools. He has been a high school teacher in Trinidad for twelve years and in the city of Toronto for twenty-seven years. Clive was born and grew up in the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago and has maintained close ties with family, relatives and friends and cherishes the warmth of the people of this beautiful country. He is currently living in Toronto, a city that is rich in culture and sport, welcoming and full of heart. He and his wife have gone on cruises to the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and several Caribbean Islands. Clive hopes he can cruise to other parts of the world in the future. He has written various essays and papers but his first novel, With Love from Mangalore, Outskirts Press, was written in 2014. This is Clive Ramgoolam’s second novel.
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