The World of the United Humanity of the Universe and Its Fundamental Doctrines

The World of the United Humanity of the Universe and Its Fundamental Doctrines

by By a Messenger of The Absolute Creator of the Universe


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(Gathering of Thousands of Giant Galaxies) This book explains that each of us is equally a “True Miracle Person” who came to exist as the results of billions of years of wondrous events that have taken place ever since the Universe was created by the Absolute Creator of the Universe (ACU). As such, everyone’s life must be respected and protected as the highest priority of this beautiful world regardless of anyone’s race, religious/political belief, sex/sexuality, and mental, physical, or financial conditions. Regardless, the present world on our planet Earth is filled with hatred, chaos, and abandoned people caused by religious and political disputes, wide differences between rich and poor along with ill managed governments and the existence of dictatorships. This book, therefore, promotes the establishment of the World of the United Humanity of the Universe (WUHU) and its Fundamental Doctrines to ensure the freedoms of all humanity while helping them to truly cherish and enjoy each of their precious lives together on this beautiful mother Earth, in the vast Universe, and beyond.

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Format: 7 x 10 Color Paperback, 31 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 08, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478789735
ISBN13: 9781478789734
Genre: PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Humanism

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The author is a Ph.D rocket scientist who has dedicated most of his life to the development of numerous Earth Orbit Satellite Systems including GPS and Deep Space Systems such as Voyager, the furthest man-made object still journeying through deep space.
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