Stonebriar Academy: School for Dragon Riders - Book Two

Stonebriar Academy: School for Dragon Riders - Book Two

by Thomas Boyhan


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Jamie Leeds’s first semester at Stonebriar Academy: School for Dragon Riders was a tumultuous one. First he had to win admission when only one hundred applicants would be selected from over four hundred. Then Jamie had to learn how to use the power of a Dragon belt and learn to fly with a Dragon. Added to all of this, against all tradition, Jamie has been bonded to a Dragon in his first year. But Jamie overcomes all of those difficulties and even helps his bonded Dragon, Tomith, whom he has nicknamed Tommy, to learn how to fly. Now Jamie and Tommy face the second semester, and in this semester they will continue to struggle— but not only with their classes. They have now been caught up in the Stonebriar House Championship. Each year, the five Houses—Blackburn, Warwick, Aubondale, Waverly, and Pembroke—all compete for the coveted House Championship. Jamie’s and Tommy’s House, Aubondale, has finished in last place for the previous seven years. The overriding passion of every student in Aubondale is to finally get their house out of last place. To help accomplish this, Jamie and Tommy will have to compete in the school’s Dragon races, something they know nothing about. Even as Jamie and Tommy settle into the day-to-day struggles of school life at Stonebriar, they have been marked for capture or assassination by a shadowy organization known at the Sisterhood. For decades, the Sisterhood has been seeking to fulfill a prophecy that will grant the sisters total control over all the nations of Aurellius—along with immortality. But, in order to achieve their goal, they must eliminate Jamie and Tommy. Jamie’s and Tommy’s greatest challenge will not be helping get their House out of last place—their greatest challenge will be to simply survive.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 478 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 20, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478789379
ISBN13: 9781478789376
Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

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After forty-five years of working in various careers, from radio to banking to real estate development to finally building and running his own radio station, Tom Boyhan retired with the idea of visiting his grandchildren, riding his bike, playing golf, and writing. Writing has been a hobby of his since college. One of his favorite writing assignments was suggested by his daughter, Tina. Her children were attending Dolvin Elementary in Johns Creek, Georgia, where they had a program called the “Mystery Reader.” The idea was to get parents and grandparents and anyone else who wanted, to sign up to be Mystery Readers. Each month, a different Mystery Reader would go to the school and read the students a book. After reading a store-bought book, Tom decided he could write a book every bit as good as the one he had purchased. To make it just a little more interesting, he used the kids and the teachers in the class as the characters in his books. Over four years, he wrote and read to the students seven books. The students loved the books. In fact, Stonebriar Academy was supposed to be one of these books, but it quickly grew too large to read in class. So, he finished the first volume as a gift for his grandchildren. Surprisingly, it has been very well received in the e-book community. He asks that if you read his books to please leave comments—good or bad. You only learn from constructive criticism.
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