by Bekie Anderson, Sara Albini, Kim Betz


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Texas Hill Country Cooking from a trio of Southern Women

From Kiss My Cheese Grits, Smoked Poblano Gouda Bisque, House Carnitas, to Hallelujah Cookies, the mommas bring the heat straight from the heart of Texas. A trio of Southern Spice Queens share their recipes from feeding 13 kids, catering formal parties, food blogging, cooking for love, comfort, health, and friends. “Boots N’ Brunch” will wow your guests into the flavors of a Hill Country Bed and Breakfast, while “Texas Tea House” will tantalize the taste buds with smoky Tex-Mex soups. These ladies definitely turn up the spice. The Cowgirl Pots de Crème, or the Coconut Tres Leches Cake will also have you pleading, “Sister Shut Yo’ Mouth.”

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Format: 8.5 x 11 Color Paperback, 83 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Apr 24, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478774398
ISBN13: 9781478774396
Genre: COOKING / General

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Bekie Anderson, Sara Albini, Kim BetzThe Spice Chicks of Drip are three southern mommas of a combined 13 kids that found a connection between cooking as therapy and as an act of love. Gathering around a table creates lasting memories and recipes that are passed down through generations. Residing in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, they synced together to create spicechicksofdrip.com cooking blog and a formal catering service. These recipes are a reflection of some of the meals they have served for local wineries and parties. They each bring a unique perspective to Texas cooking. Bekie, a mom of 3, has been published in several culinary magazine and cookbooks, such as Taste of Home, Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, and Food for Thought. She also appeared as a guest on Food Network’s Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Show, and was named Hill Country Top Chef Runner-up in 2008. Her love of food began early, when her mom gave her the green light to prepare meals as young as 8. Kim, a mom of 7, the veteran of the group, has over 25 years of cooking experience specializing in seafood with a flare, and Texas meat for the masses. Cooking for large venues, Kim has perfected comfort food that is layered with bold flavors. Surrounded by people who love to prepare soul food such as her grandmother, the quintessential southern cook, and her dad, whose pallet was before his time, she began cooking early on. The influences of growing up in Panama, living all over the U.S. for the military, travels to Europe, and Texan living, all fed her desire to cook great food. Sara, a mom of 3, a local sous chef, is often called the Soup Queen with her ability to create a soup out of anything into a magical masterpiece. Disguising squash as liquid gold, she has the talent to turn all children into veggie lovers. With creative 5-star menu combinations, her craft is ever expanding. Although, her food is often best shared as medicine to those around her. Friends even swear on her amazing homemade chicken stock. These ladies cook from scratch and kick the box (most of the time) to the curb. It’s a labor of love and sometimes…dishes, but it’s worth the memories. This book is dedicated to their families, and late family members that inspired their love of cooking. These recipes are mostly indulgent, and meant to be celebrated on holidays and special occasions. Photographer Bio: Juliana Rose Bradley is the photographer for the madly in love and the madly delicious. She loves capturing the little things. She loves how colors can match each other and bring life to an image. Over the years, she has gained a skill of renewal through imagery and is sought throughout the region for her photography talent. She is the owner of julianarosephotography.com/ and blessed this book with her love.
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