Gone West Part Two - Texas

Gone West Part Two - Texas

by Robert Harrison


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Exciting Historical Fiction with a Christian Theme

In the highly anticipated second installment of Gone West, 16-year-old Wyatt Harrison has left his northern Alabama home to escape an oppressive father and a future in farming. But after a fatal fight with his employer’s half-brother, Wyatt finds himself running for his life following a fatal fight with his employer’s half-brother. He is given hurried guidance from his friend Pablo Flores and his grandfather to flee, and Wyatt decides to head West. Along the way, he teams up with Mabel, a young woman who is also running from the law and implicates him in her deeds as well. Their alliance proves to be an asset and a liability, and together they travel the Natchez Trace from Tennessee to Mississippi until Wyatt makes plans to set out on his own. Wyatt turns to God for forgiveness and guidance and is driven to make his own way in life under His direction. Drawing strength through nature and the scriptures in an old battered Bible, he crosses the Sabine River into Texas—where he discovers that his trials are not yet over…

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 293 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Dec 30, 2016)
ISBN10: 1478771127
ISBN13: 9781478771128
Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

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About the Author: Robert Harrison was born and raised on an east New Mexico ranch which includes land that his grandparents homesteaded near the turn of the twentieth century. He is also a sketch artist, sculptor, and painter. He and his wife live in the beautiful Sacramento Mountains near Ruidoso.
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