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Surviving the “Business” of Healthcare - Knowledge is Power!

A Unique Perspective from a 4th Generation Family Practice Provider and Now Cancer Patient

by Barbara Galutia Regis, M.S., PA-C


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Product description...

Navigating the Business of Healthcare

Healthcare has changed immensely over the past few generations—house calls from a local family doctor are a thing of the past, and the deeply personal relationships and bonds between provider and patient are eroding with the demands of for-profit insurance. As a family practitioner focused on cradle-to-grave care, author Barb Regis has a valuable perspective on how patients can experience better outcomes. Topics addressed in this information-packed book include how to choose a primary care physician, how to plan for catastrophic healthcare costs, how to comparison shop for medication, and how to be an effective advocate for yourself and loved ones. As the daughter of a busy family doctor, Barb also shares vivid anecdotes from her childhood which illuminate the heart of a doctor’s calling and demonstrate how insurance can dictate and interfere with quality of care. This book is a must-read for everyone who wants to make informed, effective decisions about healthcare—knowledge is power!

Product details...

Format: 5 x 8 Black & White Paperback, 155 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 21, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478760494
ISBN13: 9781478760498
Genre: MEDICAL / Health Care Delivery

Author Information...

Barbara Galutia Regis, M.S., PA-CBarb Regis, M.S., PA-C brings a unique background to her medical practice. A fourth-generation family practice provider, she absorbed the ethos of medicine from a very early age. After successfully obtaining a music degree and teaching band, she chose to go back to school and enter the field of medicine. She believes in education and advocacy and provides outreach through her Facebook page “Ask the PA” and her radio program “Best of Health.” She provides hope and guidance as a family practice clinician, business builder, influencer, and now as a cancer patient.
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