The Black Pearls Club

The Black Pearls Club

A Woman's Guide To Success In The Workplace

by Tanya Grandison, Dr. Mackessa L. Holt, Xanthia James & Dr. LaKaisha T. Yarber-Jarrett


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Inspirational and Empowering Pearls of Wisdom for Women

Navigating professional relationships can be challenging, and overcoming common issues like sexism, racism, and ageism can be daunting for women. These issues can even stifle a woman’s career and keep her from achieving success if not addressed appropriately. The four women who contributed to The Black Pearls Club: A Woman’s Guide to Success in the Workplace have seen it all. Taking readers on a thought-provoking, life-changing journey toward professional success, they share their personal stories and the words of wisdom that helped them triumph over adversity and effectively manage their colleagues and supervisors. Recognizing that there’s a lesson in every experience, these women share words of wisdom, or “black pearls,” used to overcome real-life workplace issues and scenarios commonly experienced by women. Each chapter in this guide offers the reader valuable advice on how to be a competent, successful, professional woman in today’s society within a variety of professional settings. The women’s stories and guidance are useful to all women, of all ages, from the entry-level professional to the seasoned professional woman. Some would call it sage advice, common sense, or insight, but the most precious gift the women of The Black Pearls Club offer is a loving, helping hand to fellow women in the workplace.

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Format: 5 x 8 Black & White Paperback, 101 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Dec 30, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478739843
ISBN13: 9781478739845
Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

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Tanya Grandison, Dr. Mackessa L. Holt, Xanthia James & Dr. LaKaisha T. Yarber-JarrettTanya L. Grandison, Dr. Mackessa L. Holt, Xanthia James, and Dr. LaKaisha T. Yarber-Jarrett are united as public health practitioners and have a strong passion for empowerment and professional development. Known as the Black Pearls Club, these women seek to promote wisdom, strength, unity, and growth for women.
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