One Face Seven Billion Masks

One Face Seven Billion Masks

by Sophia Santucci


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Have We Evolved Beyond Caveman Mentality?

We’ve come a long way since prehistoric times. We’ve made great progress and advancements, and the current generation has grown up with the latest and greatest in technology. But has our consciousness evolved as well? Have we reached a higher level of thinking, acting, communicating, and relating to others? One Face, Seven Billion Masks reveals how our past thinking and old habits create energy in our mind and body that affects our everyday life, creating either harmony or stress and drama. How we can balance our daily lives—our fast-paced lives filled with modern technology—and find a way to nourish self and soul? Empowering ourselves is to know ourselves, but we must update the digital technology in our brain to effect positive changes. One Face, Seven Billion Masks explores how we can bridge generational differences and find commonality—how to move beyond the mask we choose to wear in the external world and reveal our true face. The book is a reminder for all human beings to take responsibility and action to initiate positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and action—a guide to moving beyond the caveman mentality and creating a better life for yourself and future generations to come.

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Format: 7 x 10 Color Paperback, 89 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 30, 2014)
ISBN10: 1478739053
ISBN13: 9781478739050
Genre: PHILOSOPHY / Aesthetics

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Sophia SantucciAbout the Author Sophia Santucci is a writer, yoga instructor, and inspirational art visionary. She has facilitated empowerment workshops and meditation classes for over forty years, and is the author of From Across the Ocean to Electromagnetic Energy in Motion to Waking up in Light; World’s Greatest Treasures: Reaching the Summit of One’s Nature; Yoga Practice Demystified: Four Simple Yoga Guidelines to Wellness; and Multidimensional You, Even When Baking Cookies. Sophia lives in Florida with her husband. For more information, visit
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