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A Modern Look At ... THE HOOF

Morphology ~ Measurement ~ Trimming ~ Shoeing

by Monique Craig


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Product description...

A Modern Look At ... THE HOOF

Keeping horses comfortable and sound can be a complicated and often times stressful process not only for the owner, but also for hoof care professionals. The author started her learning journey out of personal frustration with these issues. Her goal was initially just to find solutions for her own horses. Eventually her hoof research provided results applicable to every horse. A must for anyone (owners, trainers, trimmers, farriers, and veterinarians) wishing to be well-versed in the hoof, readers will without a doubt gain new insights from this book on topics not found in other hoof related publications. This book is a new look at the hoof, focusing on a detailed look at its morphology (shape) and function, and discussing implications for how the hoof should be trimmed and cared for. The information is backed up with the presentation of accurate measurements from thousands of horses’ hooves, as well as examples painstakingly collected over the author’s 20 year involvement with trimming the hoof. This book contains over 300 color images, many with measurements and annotations, and will be an excellent addition to your hoof care resources.

Product details...

Format: 8 x 10 Color Casebound, 336 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Dec 30, 2014)
ISBN10: 1478735325
ISBN13: 9781478735328
Genre: MEDICAL / Veterinary Medicine / Equine

Author Information...

Monique CraigMonique Craig is a hoof researcher, farrier, consultant to farriers, rider, author, and founder of EponaTech (www.Metron-Imaging.com) and EponaShoe (www.EponaShoe.com) and the Epona-Institute (www.Epona-Institute.org). She has a BS in Computer Science Engineering, formerly studied art and won sculpture awards, and now gives seminars and lectures on the hoof, trimming, shoeing and equine biomechanics. She has published several papers related to the hoof and soundness, and gives lectures at the college level in hoof biomechanics. A tri-lingual native of Switzerland, she became a US citizen in 2001. Contact the author at (805) 239-3505 or by e-mail to Monique@eponatech.com
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