The Indubitable Battle

The Indubitable Battle

Christian Lifestyle

by Chinyere Echefu


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A Christian Without Prayer Is Like a Soldier Without a Weapon

This comprehensive book on prayer answers all your questions about where to pray, how to pray, and the words to use in order to speak with your Heavenly Father. Honest and compassionate, The Indubitable Battle clearly acknowledges that the journey of faith can be difficult and confusing. But the darkest times of our lives are the moments when we most need to fall on our knees and cry out to God. This is not just a theoretical book—this is an empathetic guide that comes from the author’s own experience of journeying through prayer to the Promised Land. Supporting you with scriptural references, practical ideas, and grounded scholarship, The Indubitable Battle is a priceless resource in your search for God, and your journey to a more intimate and rewarding relationship with Him. “This is an exhaustive book on prayer, to say the least. It covers all bases of what, where and how about prayer. The author wrote from practical experience, with authority not as scribes. You feel like in a prayer boot camp or retreat, as you read this thought and spirit provoking exposition of the bible. You feel like reading the whole bible about prayer and the Christian life. If you want to know how to fellowship with God and enjoy it, read this book. I highly recommend this book for all people.” – Pastor John Oluremi Collins “When Cee asked me to proof-read this book, I gladly accepted it but I did not know that it would affect my Christian life so deeply. After reading the book, I was encouraged as well as inspired in my walk with Jesus Christ. There were moments while reading that I just had to say AMEN! The book reminded me of how rough the journey to the promised land can be. There are reference points on scripture to assist you along the way. I would most encourage anyone who is new in the walk with Jesus Christ to read this book.” – Susan Alston “There is epoch in our walk with our Lord Jesus that doubts set in as to where our journey, faith and dependency would take us. In this case, when my wife Chinyere embarked upon writing this book on prayer, there were major attacks on our marriage and source of livelihood. Through it all, we went to God on our knees and cried Abba Father. Jesus answered us with the revelation to put down “Prayer” on paper. To Jesus be the honor and glory. I am truly humbled for this revelation. This book is a revelation of God’s love and a must-read for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Peter Adeleke

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 355 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Oct 10, 2014)
ISBN10: 1478733144
ISBN13: 9781478733140
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / General

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Chinyere EchefuChinyere Echefu was born in Nigeria. She held B.Ed. (Biology 1995), University of Lagos Nigeria. She was a class teacher and a Bible Knowledge teacher for many years at St. Leo’s Catholic Private School, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. She relocated to America for a better life in 2003. Her American experience was not as she expected but she learned obedience, dependency and faithfulness to God as she wrestled with bad relationships. During this trying times, she enrolled and obtained a Doctorate Degree in Ministry at the Next Dimension University California. As she struggled with her faith and the church, she wrote The Indubitable Battle. She currently resides with her family in La Verne, California. She believes that God is real and Christianity is different from Churchianity. The church needs to do Christianity. A Christian is not necessarily a churchgoer but a churchgoer who is not a Christian is a waste. She has written a number of books but has only published two including the Tragedy of Desire, her first book.
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