No More Secrets, Mary; Don't You Weep

No More Secrets, Mary; Don't You Weep

by Mary Bracey


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“No More Secrets, Mary; Don’t You Weep” is a reality story shared by the author of her life, along with other siblings’ chapters, of surviving adversities and challenges in many walks of life such as homelessness, poverty, imprisonment, alcohol, drugs, kidnap, rape, mental challenges and many dangers. “Everyone has secrets or ‘skeletons’ in their closet,” says Mary “that if made public can be used to defame and debase ones’ reputation.” Mary and siblings share their past life experiences unashamedly disclosing matters that could ruin their character. Instead, they give little thought to their reputations to glorify God for making them over-comers. By sharing what they have gone through, she hopes others who make a connection through their writings will also begin to overcome their struggles, hurts and wounds. She feels hidden scars and bruises have left so many flawed for life. She reminds us, however, in the words of a song by “Mercy Me,” that “No matter the bumps, no matter bruises; no matter the scars still the truth is the cross has made you flawless. No matter the hurt or how deep the wound is; no matter the pain still the truth is the cross has made you flawless.” She feels with Christ in their lives they will then be able to fulfill the purpose for which they are destined. Her story travels through a Forrest Gump type of historical journey of a time in her life, which begins in the early 60’s to date. These stories are also testimonials of overcoming and deliverance shared to inspire and motivate others who can substitute their name in place of “Mary.” She feels they too can continue to feel victimized and weep over their wounds, or become victorious and celebrate living with the help of God in their lives!

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 168 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 11, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478714891
ISBN13: 9781478714897
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

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A BRIEF REVIEW BY MARY’S FORMER PASTOR, RETIRED CHAPLAIN EDDIE SUMBLER. Transparency lowers the partitions and walls that hide actions and freely afford an open season of revelation. It nips in the bud suspicions and curtails the rumor network in infancy. How often have we willingly given over our most sensitive information without question, why? Often, politicians have agreed not to, and then gone ahead and devised and voted for freedom of information laws and public records accessibility rulings. Subsequently, our lives have become an open book to whoever wills to peer in. “No More Secrets, Mary, Don’t You Weep,” gives glory to God, and as a direct result of her faith in God, Mary now celebrates victory having overcome the struggles and hurts of her past. I recommend and pray strongly that the reading of this heartfelt, transparent book account of overcoming pain by trusting God and being transparent about her life abuses, battles, hurts and tears will help heal the pain of secrecy for many others!
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