The Worm Farming Revolution

The Worm Farming Revolution

A Return to the Founding Principles of Successful Gardening

by Pauly Piccirillo


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A Revolt Against Synthetic Chemicals, GMO's, Pollution, & High Food Prices has Birthed a Revolutionary Phenomenon Sweeping the Globe!

Discover What a Plant's Natural Food Source REALLY is. We must return to the founding principles of successful gardening and there's nothing better at building a successful foundation than worms. I'll show you how. There's a reason worms are found at the base of plants moving in and out of the root system. What's responsible for healthy plants can be found hidden within a few inches of soil. A plant's natural food source has been replaced by chemical fertilizers and now the dangers to these man-made chemicals are being exposed daily. Man cannot recreate what nature needs, but he can multiply it exponentially. The Worm Farming Revolution teaches you everything you need to know about raising worms in order to grow amazing plants, recycle food waste, or grow your own fishing worms. This book exposes the missing link between man and plants. Our ancestors new exactly what was needed for plants to be strong and healthy, but it will fade if we keep ignoring nature and trying to “reinvent the wheel”. We must return to the founding principles of successful gardening. Get ready to be taught by a few humble and proud revolutionists who have years of experience. Get ready to grow your soil in order to grow your plants. Get ready to tap into the power of the worm, but most of all, get ready to join...The Worm Farming Revolution!

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Format: 6 x 9 Color Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 24, 2016)
ISBN10: 1478714182
ISBN13: 9781478714187
Genre: GARDENING / General

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Pauly PiccirilloPauly Piccirillo is publisher of Worm Farming, this book, and other numerous writings. After failing using synthetic chemicals, he discovered nature’s hidden secret. His goal now is to help others realize that nature knows best if we’ll only listen.
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