The Van Gogh Painting Heist

The Van Gogh Painting Heist

by Alan M. Olson


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Malcolm McGowan is an unemployed former student who has become so bored with life that he conjures up a scheme, simplistic at that, to purloin a Van Gogh masterpiece From the Institute of Art in Minneapolis just after 9-11. His dreaded enemy, Cecil, has just moved in with the woman of his dreams, so to impress ‘Lucina’ one afternoon he crashes through the third story window and onto a tree below with the painting and totes it back to his apartment several blocks away. Soon thereafter, a tiny figure appears from underneath an olive tree on the painting and coalesces into the ghostly figure of Vincent Van Gogh. He demands McGowan go back outside and scour the landscape for a tiny paint chip he scraped off the painting during the robbery. Much of the book ponders the psychological ramifications of committing a crime of this magnitude, while McGowan scrambles about trying to figure out a way to undo the legal mess he’s gotten himself into. One of the characters, in Edgar Allan Poe fashion, is an umbrella bird that ultimately serves to redeem him from the crime.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 172 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 13, 2017)
ISBN10: 1432792822
ISBN13: 9781432792824
Genre: FICTION / General

Author Information...

Alan earned a B.A. from the University of Minnesota in 1985, focusing on British Literature. He has published several novels including “The Seven Matrices,” outlining seven steps to protect the environment. “Pure Existentialism” features Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin at the Chicago Democratic convention and riots in 1968. “Intergalactic Detox” involves the implosion of a dirigible by an asteroid in 2442. Alan now lives in Minneapolis.
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