Stop Selling

Stop Selling

by Tim Burns & Ryan McFarland


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Enrich your career and learn concepts that will allow you to reach your full potential!

Stop Selling contains a wealth of ideas that have proven effective in even the most turbulent markets, plus hundreds of new and innovative ideas guaranteed to increase your sales results! • Learn how to create better habits and implement the changes in your sales repertoire that will drastically impact your personal goals. • Transform your sales results and your image. • Become a consultant, advisor, and trusted friend to your clients by better relating to their deepest desires and goals. • Develop a richer understanding of personality types and communication styles that will help you identify underlying obstacles to your sales success. • Learn why deals stall out and how to get the client back on track. • Discover unique concepts, ideas, and examples of how to build stronger, long-lasting client relationships. • Close or advance your sales more smoothly by clearly defining the challenges and issues that are causing the client to go cold. • Learn how to embrace change and recognize it as the root of all decision making. Stop Selling offers over 35 years of sales experience in a simple, easy-to-follow format. If you are looking for ways to develop your career and enhance your professional relationships, this book is a blueprint for success!

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 17, 2012)
ISBN10: 1432788345
ISBN13: 9781432788346
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Sales & Selling

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Tim Burns & Ryan McFarlandTim Burns is the Director of Business Development for the western half of the U.S. at the world’s most successful real estate franchise organization. His success has been fueled by his work ethic, tenacity, and an honest desire to help others. In Stop Selling, he allows the reader to go inside his career and experience the mistakes, triumphs, and defining moments that brought many of these principles to life. Ryan McFarland attended Indiana University Bloomington, and graduated with a BA in Philosophy, and a BA in Creative Writing in 2010. He currently resides in Long Beach, California, where he continues to pursue writing in many forms, including screenwriting, playwriting, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
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