That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit

Creative Sautéing with Beer, Wine and Liquor

by Chef Jonathan Ho


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As a Chef of world fusion, I am always seeking out new ingredients,inventing out-of-the-ordinary recipes and testing the limits of food fusion. One thing I’ve discovered is that the many colors, aromas and tastes available through spirits are often overlooked...from sweet fruit liqueurs to spiced rums, from dry Chardonnay to sweet Port, and from light beer to bitter Irish stout. Beneath the harsh alcohol, each beverage has it’s own distinct symphony of flavor and aroma.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Color Paperback, 74 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 17, 2012)
ISBN10: 1432784005
ISBN13: 9781432784003
Genre: COOKING / General

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Chef Jonathan HoAn alumnus of Baltimore’s International Culinary College, and Johnson & Whales, Polynesian Chef Jonathan Ho, or “Chef Keoni,” started his career at the ripe-old-age of nine, in his home state of Hawai’i. His father, the owner of a seafood bar in downtown Honolulu,Hawaii believed, “...when one can reach the microwave, one can cook.” So began the career of Chef Keoni. At age sixteen, Chef Ho relocated to central Pennsylvania. He has since traveled America studying local cuisines from Maine to Florida, and from Texas to Alaska. An artist at heart, Chef Keoni’s world fusion cuisine offers a mixture of unexpected flavors, bright colors and a brand new taste experience with every dish.
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