Penelope Pratt's Hats

Penelope Pratt's Hats

A Young Girl's Dilemma Turns Rhyme to Reason

by Amy Kron Lipson & Lee Laddy


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Too much of a good thing gets Penelope Pratt in a pickle!

Miss Penelope Pratt had simply too many hats! That is, of course, because Penelope just LOVED the feeling she had when surrounded by all of her colorful, fun, frilly—if not silly—funky hats. So much so, that she continued to design more and more of these incredible masterpieces. As her hat collection grew, and grew, and grew and grew, Penelope found herself a prisoner of her own creations. What’s a girl to do when smothered by a mountain of hats? What happens when you have too much of a good thing? Well… Attached as she was to her whimsical hats, Penelope came up with the same solution any wacky, giddy, dizzy, zany, brainy girl would when deciding which one to wear—she scooped them up and wore ALL her hats at once! That’s a lot easier said than done! Imagine what happens when Miss Penelope Pratt “goes public” with her wild assortment of hilariously handsome hats! Find out how she solves her developing dilemma with dogged drive and dynamic determination.

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Format: 8 x 10 Color Casebound, 44 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 26, 2012)
ISBN10: 1432781731
ISBN13: 9781432781736
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Clothing & Dress

Author Information...

Amy Kron Lipson & Lee LaddyAmy Kron Lipson’s love for writing children’s books is derived from the simple joy of putting a smile on a child’s face. Boundless imagination and a playful spirit fuel her to keep those smiles fresh and continuous. Previously responsible for the creative development of children’s non-mainstream books in the special-niche publishing arena, she created/managed writing and editorial standards from manuscript to bound book. Residing in New Jersey, Amy owns a communications consulting firm specializing in pharmaceutical advertising, and is an aspiring screenwriter. Lee Laddy’s work was driven by her passion for making a difference in the lives and minds of children through the written word. A publishing industry veteran, Lee was Director of Editorial Services for children’s textbooks, serving both public and private schools. Lee’s background also includes the teaching of gifted children, and the development of supplemental reading materials. Lee resided in New York City, and loved the city life and all that came with it!
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