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The RevPAR Formula


by Jokima Hiller & Jill Woods


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Product description...

Learn to Optimize Your Most Challenging Circumstances!

This guide is for every overworked and frustrated manager, shift supervisor, and star employee who’s ever worked in the hospitality industry and wondered “What the hell did I get myself into?”

Product details...

Format: 5 x 8 Black & White Paperback, 58 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Apr 28, 2011)
ISBN10: 1432770519
ISBN13: 9781432770518
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Accounting / Financial

Author Information...

Jokima Hiller & Jill WoodsJill Woods and Jokima Hiller have over 40 years of hospitality experience combined in operations and sales. Today, they continue to serve the hospitality industry directly through mentoring and education in their day to day roles as well as speaking engagements.
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