Waldorf Education in Practice

Waldorf Education in Practice

Exploring How Children Learn in the Lower Grades

by Else Göttgens


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Exploring How Children Learn in the Lower Grades

Easy to read, matter-of-fact and practical, this book does not offer ready-made lessons, but rather, it guides teachers on how to create their own; how to be successful in the lower grades of a Waldorf classroom.

“This unique book is filled with both the practical aspects of Waldorf Education and the deeper insights into why we do what we do. I have found it very helpful in my preparations and I highly recommend it to new and experienced teachers alike.”

Susan Goldstein, Waldorf Teacher
Pedagogical Mentor & Consultant
Santa Cruz, CA USA


“BEFORE” (What parents should know);



“MATH” (The very beginning);

“IMAGE: The Heart of Waldorf”;



And much more…

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Format: 7.4 x 9.7 Black & White Paperback, 149 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 17, 2011)
ISBN10: 1432767372
ISBN13: 9781432767372
Genre: EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / General

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Else GöttgensElse Göttgens first encountered Waldorf Education at the age of 18. She immediately and passionately espoused the pedagogy and took on her first class of children at the Zeist Steiner School in 1941. Thus began her remarkable career which has influenced countless lives at schools in the Netherlands, the UK and much of the US, including Hawaii. Still today, she regularly visits schools from coast to coast, on both sides of the Atlantic. A rebel at heart and always reluctant to take anything on authority, Else laughingly admits that what has helped her most in her teaching and mentoring work is the fact that she herself has made so many mistakes along the way. Now over 90, she has learned a lot! Waldorf Education in Practice sums up her experience as a teacher of children as well as a teacher of teachers.

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