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Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen

by Antonee Boykin


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Product description...

Two brothers learn what it means to be gentlemen.

Alex and Tony are observant seven-year-old twin brothers who admire their parents and are constantly learning from them both. One morning during breakfast when Tony decides to ask dad why he always gets a chair for mom to sit in, he and Alex both learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a gentleman. It isn’t until later that day at school when the boys are able to actually put dad’s lesson to use, and experience what it feels like to be gentlemen.

Product details...

Format: 8.5 x 8.5 Color Paperback, 31 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 27, 2011)
ISBN10: 1432752553
ISBN13: 9781432752552

Author Information...

Antonee BoykinAntonee Boykin is a picture book author from Mobile, AL. Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen, is the first of what she plans to make a series of children’s books that teach valuable life lessons geared towards elementary school age children. She hopes that Alex and Tony will entertain as well as open dialogue in schools and families about issues such as the importance of being polite. Antonee is a graduate of Auburn University in Auburn, AL. She holds a BA in Mass Communications, and has long considered herself a writer before being published. The mother of twin boys, whom she describes as the inspirations for Alex and Tony, she and her family reside in Birmingham, AL. “As a child I always wrote short stories and mock books, so to have my work published is a dream come true. I hope that Alex and Tony become household favorites, and are inspirations to children everywhere.” ~Antonee Boykin
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