Obama mania

Obama mania

Destiny's Child

by Yvonne Williams


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Barack Obama is challenging Americans to envision a better America.

"Anything We Love Can Be Saved" America I Love. Nothing can match the Euphoria of Obama Mania, the Mystique, the Vision, the Call for Change he can Deliver! Barack is challenging America to reclaim the American Dream. Barack calls for a new kind of politics, one of Hope, Change, Reform and Bipartisanship unity. Grounded in his inexorable faith in the founding principles of America, the Constitution. America is truly blessed to have a man with great wisdom, perception, and sound judgement.

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Format: 5 x 8 Black & White Paperback, 47 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 19, 2008)
ISBN10: 1432736647
ISBN13: 9781432736644

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Yvonne WilliamsYvonne Williams was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She now lives in Los Angeles, California with her family. Yvonne is wise and speaks from the heart on a wide range of topics-politics, social change, activism, including reflections about race, she is a surgical nurse, writer and educator. A proud United States Army Veteran. She is pro-life and pro choice. She believes that human life starts at conception, but also understands that a woman has a right to choose, and that choice is between herself, God, her husband and the physician. She loves God and Country. In short, she has shared the wisdom of a lifetime into this small book, she has given you manna for your soul, and if you like this book you'll want to read "All Fall Down" which she co-authored.
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