Serenity Granted

Serenity Granted

Accepting Hardship as a Pathway to Peace

by Richard Preston


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We make choices, we cannot choose consequences

Richard Preston was born in Jacksonville, Florida. He introduced himself to alcohol at the tender age of 6. The progressive disease of alcoholism and drug addiction soon crippled his dreams and aspirations. The party would continue for over three decades. Richard captivates as he tells of his darkest moments and how he broke free from the chains of dependency.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 262 pages
Publisher: Serenity Granted, LLC (Sep 24, 2016)
ISBN10: 0997790601
ISBN13: 9780997790603
Genre: RELIGION / Inspirational

Author Information...

Richard Preston never met a party that he didn’t like. For 35 years, addiction, anger and aggression ordered his steps. Follow along as Richard takes you on an epic journey down the super highway of self-destruction, correctional facilities, suicide attempts and see how Miller High Life became the norm of the former “Most Likely to Succeed”. Pushed to the brink of disaster, fate stepped in. Find out what happens when you combine the power of a brother’s love with the stroke of a judge’s pen.
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