Becoming Extraordinary @ Work!

Becoming Extraordinary @ Work!

by Steve Earl - Foreword by Glen Earl, PhD


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Why Be Just Ordinary When You Can Be – Extraordinary?

Work may not be the most meaningful part of your life, but it is where you spend most of your waking hours, often for 40-50 years of your life. That is a very long time. Shouldn’t you be happy and successful in that journey? Becoming Extraordinary @ Work is a practical, inspiring guide to fulfillment in your job. You’ll find invaluable expert advice on many topics, including: ● Connecting with customers and coworkers ● Understanding yourself and your boss ● Setting and meeting goals; and learning to make a difference ● Developing passion and focus; and having fun ● Becoming a great listener and a team player Becoming Extraordinary @ Work will show you how to eliminate the word “failure” from your vocabulary! BONUS OFFER: With the purchase of this book, you will receive a 3-day/2-night vacation certificate valued at $150. Conditions apply. “Regardless of your generation, regardless of your gender, or your ethnicity, or your organizational level…this book is for each of you. Steve Earl reveals in simple language the how of transforming your life at work, in easy-to-follow steps. Combining lessons learned in his 40 years of unique experiences, he has masterfully created a map with guideposts to show you how you can transform your work life!” - Glen B. Earl PhD, Executive Coach, International Keynote Speaker, Author

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 220 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 16, 2015)
ISBN10: 1478753323
ISBN13: 9781478753322
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Motivational

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STEVE EARL has a unique passion and talent for exceptional achievement, developed from broad experiences: missionary service in Africa, rising from PFC to Major in ten years in the U. S. Army, where he coordinated the movement of 200,000 troops, and 22 years in Workforce Development, where he assisted, trained, or counseled 20,000 individuals with developing careers. Twice he’s been honored to present at the state-wide annual conference for the California Workforce Association. He has worked in WA, UT, CA and VA; and South Korea, Thailand, Panama, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
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