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We've analyzed the competition so you don't have to. The Basic is our second-best a la carte publishing package. Here are prices from four of our largest competitors for their second best a la carte packages. Why pay for options you may not need? Flexibility and customization: just two more reasons why Outskirts Press is rated #1.

Included Free with the Basic

  • self publishing 16 Trim Sizes and Format Choices

    The Basic offers standard book sizes like 5.5 x 8.5, and 6x9 in both paperback and laminated casebound.

  • self publishing ISBN and Barcode

    A Bowker issued ISBN is a book industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. Every Basic package includes an ISBN and a barcode on the back cover of the book, with the option of adding your own Private Label ISBN if you prefer.

  • self publishing Standard Interior Book Formatting

    Another reason Outskirts Press is rated #1 is because our books look so professional, both on the outside and the inside. Every Basic package includes free standard interior book formatting by a real, live (and talented) human being.

  • self publishing 6 Paperback Author's Copies

    Once your book is published, order your 6 free paperback author's copies, which includes free shipping within the continental United States. You can always order more at any time for your below-wholesale price in quantities as low as 5 at a time.

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A Word from a Basic Author

Outskirts Press, and my representative, Lisa, are the definition of professional. I am Keith Mosher, author of On a Sphere's Edge. This was my first novel, but there are more to come. The publishing story, along with the writing, was a long and twisted path. I initially self-published as an ebook, and then as an audio book, knowing all along I had to get the novel in print. I did a good deal of research and opted for Outskirts Press, and I'm glad I did. The process was clear, clean, and effortless. Lisa and the rest of the team at Outskirts were helpful and accommodating, even when I requested some out-of-sequence changes to the cover. Thank you Outskirts Press.

Keith Mosher