New Sheets

Hot Passionate Undefiled Married Sex

by T. Charles Brantley

New Sheets

New Sheets

Hot Passionate Undefiled Married Sex

by T. Charles Brantley

Published Sep 14, 2006
52 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long-Term Relationships


Book Details

Astonishing answers to unspoken questions revealed!

1) What is the book about?
The book speaks about heterosexual marriage as it relates to sex. Especially for christians, the church has been taboo. This book will encourage couples to talk about their sexual desires and inhibitions within the boundaries of the married bed.
2) Who is the target audience?
The audience is for engaged and married heterosexual couples. The church can not be silent about sexuality because of the high divorce rate within the church. Also the Word says my people die for a lack of knowledge.
3) What is the unique message?
Unique message is for married heterosexual couples to say and speak to one another in truth as it relates too their sexuality. The joys of sex should be for married couples. God created sex. Yet for reasons explained due to our puritan background Christian married couples have kept themselves within the 1600s. Yet the married bed is always undefiled.

REVIEWS from on New Sheets:
Sheets off, lights on!, September 29, 2006
Reviewer: Naim Akbar "Clinical Psychologist" (Tallahassee, FL) -
Rev. Brantley offers the concealed and hidden religious community of human relationships a liberating blow with this easy to read and straight-forward discussion on marital sexual relationships. Though the church celebrates the union of man and woman in marriage, with extravagant public ceremonies and rituals they often drop the curtain on the sexual reality of these relationships. This young dynamic minister turns the lights on and saves many relationships a trip to the marriage counselor's or divorce lawyer's office by making it appropriate and holy for married men and women to confront the realities of the signficant sexual part of their relationship where many of "the holy ones usually fear to tread." He uses Biblical references to turn on the lights on the sanctity of sexual relationships between married couples as not only acceptable, but necessary to preserve this beautiful and vital part of marriage. He throws away the shackles of puritanical silence about the inevitable sharing of love among believing men and women. This short and uncomplicated book will free many religious couples from the captivity of thinking of their blessed relationship as sinful, dirty and leaving it to the inevitable ruin of silence and clandestine shame. A must read for all people who take the public wedding vows in front of their altars and clergy as authentic license to love each other shamelessly before God and each other. He frees loving, enjoyable religious marriages from the pornographic closet of fear and shame.


Book Excerpt

In Christ, there is freedom and no condemnations. Why should one take condemnation into a bedroom, where both parties have agreed to the sexual marriage activities? Some CHRISTIANS have said

that certain exposure to sex will have negative results on people. Unless couples communicate, they will never know if such things affect them positively or negatively. Again, the key is to communicate honestly.


About the Author

T. Charles Brantley

Married since 1986, Pastor T.C. is married to Jacqueline with two beautiful children. During his years in ministry and marriage, TC has noticed that the body of Christ is not "real" when it come to sexuality. However, through his own near divorce from Jacqueline, this book is humbly submitted. TC & Jacqueline They have collectively been in ministry for over 40 years and have spoken at numerous revivals, street services, church services, youth crusades, prisons, and convalescent homes. The ministry has touched numerous cities in Connecticut, Boston, Mass, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, FL, Long Island and Jamaica, NY. The ministry has also been instrumental through radio, television, and print. T C has also authored: “Even Christians use the Bathroom”, “Further than Jabez” and “Can a Store Front Save a City

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