Revealing & Dealing with unknown marriage secrets

by T. Charles Brantley



Revealing & Dealing with unknown marriage secrets

by T. Charles Brantley

Published Aug 18, 2007
184 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long-Term Relationships


Book Details

Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within!

1) What is the book about?
Sexual secrets of men including homosexuality and taboos, have torpedoed the family structure. In this book we explain that the secret is worse than the sin. When you hide the secret, you only strengthen the sin.
The book discusses the freedom one feels when he has become naked or non-secretive of his sexual habits.
2) Who is the target audience?
Men who are tried of lying to their wives and who want to come "clean" with their wives. This is also for men who want to come out of the closet and finally breathe in the air of truth.
For wives who know her husband has a secret but wants him to confess it to her. Boys tell other boys their struggles but it takes a true man to confess his struggles to his wife.
3) What is the primary benefit?
The benefit is for men who want to come out of the closet. In this air of stars coming out it is time for husbands to do the same. Again, this does not only include homosexuality. It includes any sexual secret that your wife is clueless too.
4) What is the unique message?

JUST tell the truth and have no secrets.


Book Excerpt

The table of contents within this book include:

Introduction i
Chapter 1
Truth & Lying
Chapter 2
Covering Up is Not the Right Thing to Do
Chapter 3
Why R You in Secret About It
Chapter 4
Tell Before Told
Chapter 5
Make Up Your Mind
Chapter 6
Convicted and Not Condemned
Chapter 7
Legacy You Are Carrying
Chapter 8
Badge of Shame and Not Honor
Chapter 9
Father’s Sexual Abusing Sons
Chapter 10
Samaritan Man
Chapter 11
Pastor, Prophet, Preacher, Priest
Chapter 12
Gay Porn
Chapter 13
Women Do it, Too
Chapter 14
Women Have Suffered Enough
Chapter 15
Women Decisions
Chapter 16
If You Got an Up High Brother, Ladies -
Chapter 17
If You Know Mom Exposes
Chapter 18
Up High
Chapter 19
Animal Crackers
Chapter 20
Dealing With Truth
Chapter 21
Wife Perspective in the Truth
Chapter 22
If You Can’t Handle the Truth,
Do Not Ask
Chapter 23
Proverbs and Song of Solomon


About the Author

T. Charles Brantley

Married since 1986, Pastor T.C. is married to Jacqueline with two beautiful children, Timothy Charles Brantley II and Jocelyn Racquel Brantley. During his years in ministry and marriage, TC has noticed that the body of Christ is not "real" when it come to marriage.

Being a Christian is a start but it is not enough to endure the difficulties of marriage. However, through his own near divorce from Jacqueline, this book is humbly submitted. TC & Jacqueline have collectively been in ministry for over 50 years and have spoken at numerous revivals, street services, church services, youth crusades, prisons, and convalescent homes.

The ministry has touched numerous cities in Connecticut, Boston, Mass, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, FL, Long Island and Jamaica, NY. The ministry has also been instrumental through radio, television, and print. T C has also authored: “Even Christians use the Bathroom”, “Further than Jabez” and “Can a Store Front Save a City”, “New Sheets”

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