Even Christians Use the Bathroom

Simul Iustus et Peccator (At the same time righteousness and sinner)

by T. Charles Brantley M. Div

Even Christians Use the Bathroom

Even Christians Use the Bathroom

Simul Iustus et Peccator (At the same time righteousness and sinner)

by T. Charles Brantley M. Div

Published Jun 29, 2008
244 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Theology / Apologetics


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Reality of Christianity

Pastor T. Charles Brantley M. Div does it again with another dose of reality when it comes to Christianity. Within this book, He reminds the Christian community that we are all sinners saved by grace alone. The writing shows broad interest in literature, ancient history, biblical exegesis, language studies (Greek), anatomy, physiology, and sociological studies. This means that people from many lifestyles will be interested in reading the book and will find something of interest to ponder.


Book Excerpt

Yet our problem is that we do not tell the world of the

forgiveness. We rather tell the world of the judgment. That is not what God gave to us. Not only did He give us judgment,He gave us grace. We cannot tell the world half the

story. We must tell them the whole story of what the Lord

has done in and through our lives. If God did two things,

we need to do two things as well.

We cannot tell people half the story. We must yell out

the whole story of life. Whoever we are in God, we did not get there by ourselves—it was because of Christ.

So as Christians, people see the handy work of God and

not of ourselves. Let us put things in true perspective. I am not made by me, I am made by His power. This is why I

must yell “I AM IN THE BATHROOM.”

When we yell such then the world knows that the Holy

Ghost is working on us. Yes world, I just finished coming

from the bathroom. As a matter of fact, every time we read the word of God we have to go back in the bathroom again because we see more things that we need to work on.

God never stops working on us. However, when we walk around pretending to be perfect and complete, we say

to the world that God stops His work instead of continuing



About the Author

T. Charles Brantley M. Div

T. Charles Brantley, husband, father, pastor, author (5 books), apprentice apologist, conference speaker, radio guest, is chairman of the board of Charles Jasper T. Venture. He is also a guest on 104.9FM & Hot 93.7FM and preaches at Restoration Springs Interdenominational Church. He received his bachelor degree (Business/Mathematics) at Florida A & M University (1988) & Masters degree (Divinity and Pastoral Leadership) at Newbury Theological Seminary (2008). He has written "New Sheets", "Successful Marriages for Successful Men", "Real Men Don't Use the Closets", and "Store Front Churches"

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