Successful Marriages for Successful Men

Guaranteed to Improve Your Relationship

by T. Charles Brantley

Successful Marriages for Successful Men

Successful Marriages for Successful Men

Guaranteed to Improve Your Relationship

by T. Charles Brantley

Published Aug 18, 2007
344 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long-Term Relationships


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Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within!

Due to the popularity of certain successful men, persons have gotten the wrong definition of success. True success is internal and not external.

The true measure of a man is how he deals with his home life. In war, the army that has a strong home front wins the war. This book is dedicated to men who want to redefine success as it relates to the home instead of the business. This book is for men who are tired of the emptiness they experience within their home life.

This book reexamines success through the eyes of the wife instead of the business.

The husband will know he has finally reached success as it relates to the smile of his wife instead of the vastness of his financial portfolio.

When one dies, you cannot take earthly possessions. The only point you take is the treatment and legacy you left with namesakes.

The family is the most important asset that one possesses. Stocks, bonds, cars, and houses are not true points of wealth. True wealth is defined by what you give or buy with a "priceless" tag. This includes time, love and family.


Book Excerpt

Introduction to Successful Men
Introduction to Husbands vii
Part 1 Starting the Marriage 1
Emotional vs. Sexual 5
Truthfulness 9
Men’s Sex Drive 11
Most Women Sexually Abused 13
Answer Yes or No 15
Communicate 17
Tell Her Versus Being Told 19
Rattler versus Cobra 20
Aim For Her Mind 22
Woman Wants You Versus Sex 24
Don’t Be Perfect, Just Honest 26
Collateral Damage 28
Never Make Her Feel Stupid 30
She Can Change the Rules Anytime 32
Was She Raped? 34
Be Specific 36
Spiritual Life Together 38
Accountable 41
Expect Constructive Talking 43
Being a Gentleman 45
Past and Current Sins 47
Values and Habits 49
Stay in Control 51
Women Can’t Believe It 53
Love, Truth, and Faithfulness 55
Never Leave a Hangnail Conversation 57
Never Embarrass Her 61
Groom Yourself 63
Know Your Sexual Appetite 65
Hormone Levels 67
See Things in You 69
Lying About the Affair 71
She Does Not Want a Weak Man 73
Don’t Rape Your Wife 75
Women Heal Emotionally Slowly 77
Wife or Whore 79

Part 2 Keeping the Marriage 81
Mean the Compliment 87
Be a Tape Recorder 88
Wanting Sex is Not a Bad Thing 90
Encourage Yourself about the Marriage 92
Monitor Your Cave Time 94
Be Detailed and Not General 97
Time of the Month 101
Know Her Needs 103
Can’t Out Talk Her 105
Not Your Mother 108
Plan Events Together 111
Little Girl in Grown Body 113
Wife Can’t See Until You See Her Heart 116
Taboos: They Are All the Same 119
Sex Time: Point for the Wives 122
Trigger Words 124
When a Woman Starts Her Engines 126
Don’t Say Sorry Without Pain 128
Smart Remarks 130
Your Remarks Can Cause a Flashback 133
Understand Her Mind About Sex 137
House Cleaning 140
1 Day Compliment -1 Week Constructive 143
Don’t make Fun of her 146
Emotional and Truth Conversations 148
Enjoy the Ride 150
If You Cheat – Consequences 152
Pick Your Battles and Win the War 159
Blended Family 161
Learning From Your Wife 163

Part 3 Maturing the Marriage 165
Selfishness 169
Women Do Not Like Whining Men 171
Purchase What She Wants 173
Men Are as Impulsive as Women 175
Don’t Solve, Just Listen 177
Dry 179
You Give and She Doesn’t Give Back 181
She Wants Me 184
Solutions to Communication 186
Every Wife Wants the Mountain 191
Can’t be Sexually Aggressive 193
Make Home a Priority 195
Focus on What You Are Doing 197
Give Her Special Attention 199
She Wants a Tough Man 201
Be Ye Also Ready 203
Garden of Eden 205
Always Ask, What Do You Mean 206
Attitudes and Consequences for Them 208
Flirting with Another 211
Parents Will Affect 214
Small Things Count 216
She WAS Carefree but Has Changed 218
Emotional Orgies 221
Emasculate (Don’t Cry Wolf) 223
Vagina is Attached to a Brain 225
Loaded Gun 227
Forced to Talk 229
ED Problems 231
Women’s Seat of Delight 233
PC Muscles 237
Breast 238
FGM 240
Strangers in Bed 242

Part 4 Married Sex & More Topics 249
Introduction 253
Adultery 260
Chat Rooms 262
Exhibitionists 265
Homemade Videos 267
Libido Decline 269
Looking and Lusting 275
Release 277
Secrets 279
Starved 283
Strippers 285
Taboos 287
Tattoos 295
Another Point About Women 297
Types of Orgasms 304
Hot Button and Stonewall 309
Pretty Fine Asset W


About the Author

T. Charles Brantley

Married since 1986, Pastor T.C. is married to Jacqueline with two beautiful children, Timothy Charles Brantley II and Jocelyn Racquel Brantley. During his years in ministry and marriage, TC has noticed that the body of Christ is not "real" when it come to marriage.

Being a Christian is a start but it is not enough to endure the difficulties of marriage. However, through his own near divorce from Jacqueline, this book is humbly submitted. TC & Jacqueline have collectively been in ministry for over 50 years and have spoken at numerous revivals, street services, church services, youth crusades, prisons, and convalescent homes.

The ministry has touched numerous cities in Connecticut, Boston, Mass, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, FL, Long Island and Jamaica, NY. The ministry has also been instrumental through radio, television, and print. T C has also authored: “Even Christians use the Bathroom”, “Further than Jabez” and “Can a Store Front Save a City”, “New Sheets”

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