The Curse of Beauty

The Girl Next Door

by Gary Turcotte


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Beauty is Skin Deep

Doug loved Kate, but she wasn't his type and not interested in him. He accepted it and tried to protect his feelings. He had low self esteem; she thought a lot of herself. She was different than him; born with a perfect shape and clear skin. She made friends fast and people were quick to please her. He was overweight; kids were mean and called him pudgy Dougy. He grew immune to smirks and insults. She was showered in kind words and praises. One day Kate had an accident; Doug was the only one there. He saved her life and she felt indebted to him and brought him into her world, suddenly Doug had new friends with new problems. Everything about Doug had changed. His slow paced life was suddenly in the fast lane. He lost weight and hung out with the cool kids. He tried to protect Kate, but she became a target for drug dealers and opportunists.


About the Author

Gary Turcotte

If you die before you share your thoughts, then all you think about is in vain; the same of an imagination, it needs to be exercised and shared. Daydreams, visions and premonitions are soon pushed aside as the precious mind is filled with stress from bills, deadlines and responsibilities. The mind is an inventor and a crafter of stories, and artwork that canvass or type cannot give justice. Unless you are continually reinventing yourself; then you nave no future.

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