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The conspiracy of the decade takes a back seat to the mysteries of the Millennium.

A top secret agent comes off the assignment of his lifetime. He is having his face reconstructed for his next mission. Without his consent, he is forced to extract all high tech secrets hidden in the mind of a captured prisoner. Through technology the prisoner mind is directly wired into Derek's mind. The prisoner is from the Roswell crash. Derek's mind is instantly filled with everything the alien knows. Derek decides to run, and publish his secrets. I wrote this for Derek, wherever he is.


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My role had come to an end.I was schedualed for facial reconstruction It was amusing to see the look on a few faces as they watched me carry on and talk like the executed leader. I was anxious to get a new face before someone did take my life. I was to be reassigned as soon as I healed. I was prepped for the operation. I was put under. I was not under as deep as I had expected. I was in more of a stupor. I felt the surgeon shave my head. Then he drilled a series of holes in my skull. I knew something was wrong. I told my arm to rise up and snap the doctor's neck. I had snapped many necks in the past. My body would not respond. Another doctor came to assist. He began installing wires into the holes in my head. I thought that my cover was blown, and they would unlock all my national secrets. I tried to swallow my tongue and end my life. My tongue would not obey. The cord didn't have enough slack to finish being installed. The cord went under a curtain. A nurse pulled at the curtain, and freed the cord. Behind the curtain was a frightenig sight. A sight right out of the twilight zone. I saw the feedle legs of an alien. Again I told my body to run. Yet I remained paralyzed. I felt my eyes flicker. My mind was getting a snowy picture, like when a TV has a loose cable wire. Then a full blast of information raced from the alien's head into mine. All fear left. The alien filled the unused part of my mind. My body felt as though I had died.


About the Author

Gary Turcotte

Soon after High School, long before 911 or the first gulf war began. I composed this fast paced secret agent/sci-fi. I know it will entertain the open minded, as well as make others rethink war.It was written to be a respectful fantasy. I hope that it is enjoyed.

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