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A Military mission goes terribly wrong and personal sacrifice seems to be the only sensible answer.

At the conclusion of the last book. Garrett and his friends are in legal trouble. Garrett and Jeff join the Army and their quiet life in the small sleepy New Hampshire city is left behind them as they are sent to Vietnam on a mission to cut the jungle and help set up MASH units. Comedy and tragedy, fear and forgiveness are brought to a bursting point as the characters are pushed beyond their limits.


Book Excerpt

I walked over to the coffee pot. there was barely enough left in the pot to fill a cup. I saw a few blueberry muffins. They were the last to be sold before the old lady would bake another batch. The morning breeze blew through the old country store. I could see dust dancing on the sunrays. Laughing as they were lifted from the floor like they were on a carnival ride. I reached into the water filled cooler to get a bottle of Coke. My knuckles stung as they brushed against the sharp ice. I held up two Cokes. Sarah smiled when she saw that I thought of her. I put the dripping bottles on the counter. Two dust rings greeted the wet surface. The old lady ignored the filth. She held out her feeble hand and I popped the exact into her mitt. Sarah was on the front porch patting an old golden retriever. He barely raised his head. The morning sun warmed his fur, and he lay against the wooden deck like a turtle on a flat rock. He was not a watch dog. He was more of a door mat. He was like the old woman. He didn't more unless he had too. I wondered if that old dog had ever been a puppy.


About the Author

Gary Turcotte

wrote this sequel to my first book Silver Street: The Shortcut. I had a lot of people who wanted more of the same humor and suspense. The story was still fresh, so writing this tale was very enjoyable. This book is dedicated to Austin Sprague.

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