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Some People Are Afraid to Die, Others Are Afraid To Live

The most powerful memories of my life were the teenage years that I spent with my brother Bruce. He was my mother’s favorite son. He was born with multiple sclerosis(MS). I used to take him swimming almost everyday; being weightless in the water made him feel powerful and normal. He fought his disease and other than tiring easily he was just like any other teen. Since we were excellent swimmers, and always at the pool, we were offered a chance to fill in as lifeguards at the beach. It was a great summer with a large crowd and plenty of sunshine. My brother was healthy and happy. He felt strong, and his disease was not hindering his life. He never felt sorry for himself and he never asked for pity, he was light hearted and good natured. He was older than I was. Physically I was the big brother but mentally and emotionally he was a much bigger person. Bruce taught me how to appreciate life and accept who I am with my limited abilities and to be grateful.


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Gary Turcotte

Sometimes I’m surprised by the books that I have written. I’ve resisted writing a few of them, especially my book “IRON STAN”. I put them aside in my mind, but they resurfaced until I got them on paper. I cringe when I think that my mother or Priest might read them, but you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. It’s only fiction.

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