Tom and the Troubled Teens

Suicide Seth

by Gary Turcotte


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Seth and the Suicide Club

Tom was out of work, his benefits ran out and he took the only job he could find; substitute teacher at a private school. When the guidance counselor was forced to resign, Tom took his spot. The ex-counselor kept secret files of the troubled teens and their sessions. Seth was one of the disturbed, he was suicidal, but lacked the nerve to end his life. Tom followed the teens onto the internet, to a suicide site. He found Seth as one of the advisors, he called himself ‘Suicide Seth’. He dared those who talked about ending their life to ‘do it’ and stop talking about it. Tom took a screen name and tried to interact with the desperate teens, but he was from a different era and his words fell on deaf ears. He confided in the Principal. She had a policy of looking the other way. She wanted the school to seem safe since it was funded from tuition and alumni donations. She swept Toms findings under the rug.


About the Author

Gary Turcotte

Unfortunately this story is not far from the truth. Teen suicide is on the rise, many are covered up with different wording in the obituaries, it is alarming and shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

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