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Birds of a Feather Stick Together

Eric was a respected contractor, he made a fortune during the building boom. He lived a clean life and invested his money well. His employees did the opposite, they spent all their earnings and partied their savings away. Some of them despised Eric and felt that he capitalized on their strong backs. They felt that Eric looked down on them. Most of his workers were in legal trouble caused by drugs, alcohol or child support problems. Through crafty deception Eric had a twist of fate and ended up in the state penitentiary. He was the pawn in a dangerous world of prison politics and unpredictable actions from gang members. Eric’s cellmate offered protection, but it costs all that he had worked for. Eric was fifty years old and he was no match for the young wild members of the biker gangs and the Skinheads. His cellmate was his only hope.


About the Author

Gary Turcotte

Like the character Eric in Windfall-Gary Turcotte was also a General Contractor. He employed workers that were of different levels of talent and lifestyles. Good labor was hard to find during the building boom. Although some were troubled-they were friends as well as workers.

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