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Love yourself…just as you are.

The Other Color of Love is a collection of poems offered as an adventure into the spirit of the imagination, into the heart and soul. Imagination constantly impels us and nurtures us with eternal gifts of love, beauty, and truth. Our choice to be honest with ourselves and others—and our awareness that there is more to our existence—sets us free. The poems touch upon birth, rebirth, gratitude, contentment, happiness, love, and mutual respect, with stunning images that serve to trigger and heighten the imagination. Indulge in this uplifting collection and be richly compensated with excitement, encouragement, and self-esteem. Feel the love, feel the joy, and embrace the journey as you look into the mirror and with courage and conviction say, “It’s okay and I’m okay. It’s okay to love myself just as I am!”


About the Author

Gene Edwards

Gene Edwards is a native of North Carolina and graduated from the City College of New York. After spending his professional career as a mathematician, mathematics educator, administrator, consultant, and college instructor, he turned to writing poetry and served as managing editor of Ariadne’s Web magazine. The Other Color of Love is his fifth published book of poetry.

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