LOVE Resurrected

by Alonzo Obadijah Richardson


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Every heartbeat is a vibration of love.

For many, love is an ardent flame as radiant as the rays of the sun. For others, love is the answer to everything, and as an emotion, love possesses many positive traits, thus validating that love is life itself. Love resonates as the spirit of joy, happiness, and harmony, for love is the reflection of the myriad ways we share our lives in positive, productive, exciting ways. Love never dies. If it does seemingly flicker or wane, then it resurrects in the heart as true compassion, mutual respect, and greater understanding.

Love Resurrected is a collection of inspirational poems that speak to the reader in the language of love—the language of heart and soul, in the spirit of peace profound—bringing to glorious light what a precious joy it is to be in love with life itself!


About the Author

Alonzo Obadijah Richardson

Alonzo Obadijah Richardson is a retired educator and administrator. He is also a genealogist, family historian, author, and poet. Among his previously published works are The Other Color of Love, Love Vibes, Love and Paper Rumors, and It’s About Time! Love Resurrected is his eleventh collection. Currently, Alonzo lives in Flagler County, Florida.

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