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Dreams are remarkable lenses for introspection—and Multicolored Dreams are the best kind.

Multicolored Dreams is a companion to the popular Syncopated Love Dreams—a compendium of poems and poetic writing revolving around timely themes of familial relationships, long-term friendships, and coming of age in a racially hostile and divided nation. A focus on inspiration, gratitude, and love also serves as a thematic way of helping us to understand ourselves intuitively, and to respect others so that we can harmonize with one another, become the best within ourselves, and seek the best in others.


About the Author

Elwood Gene-Mishmah

Elwood Gene - Mishmah is a retired educator, mathematician, administrator, and world traveler. He is also a family historian and genealogist. Since his retirement, he spends his time researching, writing, self-publishing, creating puzzles, and traveling. Currently, he is a resident of Palm Coast, Florida.

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