Primal Destiny

by Elwood Gene Edwards


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Explore the true meaning of friendship with poetry

Poetry is a language that communicates with passion, by way of heart to heart and mind to mind. It is a way to unveil the meaning in life and help us elicit the essence of our feelings and thoughts. Our thoughts make us who we are. Hence, by design, our thoughts are our primal destiny. The poems in Primal Destiny are smart and eloquent—yet soothing in their rhythm and flow. Each is written to help the reader or listener dig deeper into meaning and to ponder the value of relationships such as friendships. And by confronting their own truths or beliefs, the reader/listener will touch upon their deepest inner wisdom as well as their sense of direction in life.


About the Author

Elwood Gene Edwards

Elwood Gene Edwards grew up in housing projects—Craven Terrace in New Bern, North Carolina, and Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York—and presently resides in Palm Coast, Florida. He attended Boys High School and is an alumnus of the City College of New York and New York University. Mr. Edwards spent his professional career as a mathematician, mathematics educator, administrator, consultant, and college instructor. He was also the managing editor of “Ariadne’s Web.” Primal Destiny is his tenth published book of poetry.

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