The Philosopher's Tears

Volume I

by Mishmah Al Aziz


Book Details

Every Teardrop Tells A Story!

The Philosopher’s Tears is an assemblage of love poems of the heart, mind, and spirit. These poems explore reflections, inward journeys, gratitude, and the meaning and impact of love relationships at different life stages—elucidating nuggets of wisdom which help us to transform, to evolve, to live and to love the life we were intended to live. With themes of friendship, love, and faith, The Philosopher’s Tears is a lively collection of lighthearted yet inspirational poetry that will resonate with your spirit and awaken you to the possibilities of joy.


Book Excerpt

Every teardrop that drips from my eyes Reminds me of a time and place Where seeing your smiling face Was a joy to impossible to describe


About the Author

Mishmah Al Aziz

Mishmah is a retired mathematics educator, administrator, consultant, and writing instructor. He was an editor of the metaphysical handbook L ’ Initiation and also served as managing editor of Ariadne’s Web. Although The Philosopher’s Tears is his first book of poetry to be published, Mishmah has been writing poems since his preteen years.

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