Love Dreams Among Other Schemes

by Elwood Gene-Mishmah


Book Details

Dreams are magnificent reflectors of our inner selves that reveal to us crystal clear aspects of ourselves as well as our perspectives of things.

Love Dreams Among Other Schemes is a compilation of poems and poetical writing involving themes of love relationships, long-lasting friendships, attitudes, inspiration, self-determination, and understanding ourselves. “Love Dreams” is woven throughout this work as a thematic reminder that in helping others, we help ourselves in maintaining balance and oneness in the spirit of togetherness.


About the Author

Elwood Gene-Mishmah

ELWOOD GENE-MISHMAH is a retired mathematics educator and administrator, He is also a family historian and world traveler, Since his retirement, he spends his time traveling,researching, writing, and self-publishing. Love Dreams Among Other Schemes is his seventeenth self-published book. Mishmah presently lives in Palm Coast, Florida.

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