Faded Memories Anew

by C D Swanson


Book Details

A devastating loss causes a man to think of other options as he faces life without his loved one.

Immediately following his wife’s death, John, a CEO, makes a life changing decision that sets him on a new journey. With a grief-stricken heart, he attempts to “live” again, while holding onto memories of his one true love. Relocating to another State, having accepted a new job, he slowly adjusts to life without his wife. He struggles with guilt when he begins to experience feelings for his co-worker Kiana, who has suffered an equally devastating loss. Together, they navigate through uncharted waters, each with their own story and “ghosts” to deal with. Their story builds slowly culminating into an explosive and powerful climax.


About the Author

C D Swanson

C D SWANON’S books are indicative of a writer with a heart for God. The author states, “I give all glory and honor to the Lord, and it is for Him that I write.” Her books, articles, and devotional web ministry, leave you wanting more. She has the ability to draw in her audience with humility, and sincerity. She is happily married for over thirty-years, and lives with her husband, Ron, and their “son” Max, in beautiful New England.

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