Dear God: With Love

Words Of Praise to Exalt His Name

by C D Swanson


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Words Of Praise To Exalt His Name.

Have you ever wanted to speak directly to God? Well, words of Praise, through poems - akin to the book of Psalms - is just that, an attempt to Thank Our God, in poetic fashion. Also included are words of thanks, and a personal testimonial bringing about an even deeper confirmation that there is a God above.


Book Excerpt

Look for CD Swanson's future books: "Passages of Everyday Life Through Faith- A Look at Life with God In Control" which will be available sometime in early summer...The Author is now at work on her fourth book, a novel filled with mystery, betrayal, and love, more details to follow.


About the Author

C D Swanson

The author is a Christian with a full proud based belief in God, His son, and the Holy Spirit. Happily married for over 30 years, C D Swanson was in the Social Services field for most of her career - and has always enjoyed writing as a hobby. She admits it is a “gift” from God her writing ability, and has used it frequently throughout her career, and personal life to encourage and help people in need of love and validation. Her second book-"Butterflies, Possum & Laughter" is a humorous, albeit poignant and insightful journey about “losing a best friend” and the aftermath of being left behind; & will be available for purchase soon. Although writing is a privilege, and enjoyable, her first and foremost part of her world is Jesus Christ, and credits all to God everyday of her life.

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