Deception At The Oasis



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The Oasis--Where Deception Not Only Lives, But Thrives

The Oasis, a beautiful place to “live.” Something is amiss in the scenic hills in which The Oasis sits atop. The residents want to live their lives, but there may be some rules to the contrary. Gemma Fields, the social worker employed at the Oasis, suspects foul play, and will not stop until she sheds light on the darkness that threatens to overtake the Oasis. With the help of two men, one a retired detective, the other an “attorney” an investigation begins. Will Gemma be able to save her beloved residents from the suffocating evil?


About the Author


The author’s work is moving, realistic, and touching in all aspects. Her love for God comes shining through all of her works. A former director of nursing homes, her expertise and love for the elderly is clearly apparent in her stories. Her degrees lie in human services, psychology, and health care. Lately, she has felt the call of becoming an ordained minister and is currently praying on it. In addition to her books, she owns and operates a website devotional ministry. She is a freelance Christian writer and contributes to various magazines and online sites.


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