The House on East 4th Street

Where Secrets Live

by C D Swanson


Book Details

Lies, secrets, betrayals, and heartache “live” at the House on East 4th Street, as three families strive to cope with dire, and prolific circumstances, that threaten to destroy them all.

The three families that live in the house on “East 4th Street” are as different as night and day. Each of these families has a host of hidden secrets. Each with their own set of troubles, had hearts that were broken at one time or another—albeit, different in their ethnicity, and religious views, they share a common thread in their dedication to their loved ones. As you read and learn about these three families, you’ll find yourself rooting for them, and crying with them, from the very first page, right through to the massive conclusion. The reader will want to find out more, while cheering for the characters that’ll come alive with each word. A fine story told in outstanding fashion! C D SWANSON does it again, and again, and again, as only she can!


About the Author

C D Swanson

C D SWANSON is an Author of 20 books. Along with her books, she’s been published in several magazines, has a website of her own, and remains a woman of faith in all of her works. She’s an advocate for the elderly population, volunteers for various organizations, loves animals, and has been married to her teenage sweetheart for 37 years. They share a “furry son” named Max.

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