Hearts of Love

Lost & Found

by C D Swanson


Book Details

Hearts of Love, New & Old~

Nora, heads her own successful non-profit company. She’s looking to fulfill a “pinky promise,” by opening a shelter for those in need. Matt, is the man representing William, a billionaire, who’s selling one of his buildings. It so happens the property, is ideal for Nora’s dream, to become a vast reality. William’s heart has been in hiding, for years, and not easily swayed by sentiment of any kind. When Nora and Matt meet, they’re immediately at odds, yet drawn to each other. Their hearts collide with complications. William’s past, may represent his future unknowingly, as Nora and Matt, make a life changing discovery, that will affect many hearts in the interim.


About the Author

C D Swanson

C D SWANSON is a prolific writer in the Christian Genre. She brings heart and soul into all of her books, writing and articles. Her books, both fiction and non-fiction, have garnered good reviews. She’s happily married, and they share a fur-baby named Mickey. Her love of God is apparent in all of her writings, in a well balanced sense. Writing is a joy for C D, as evidenced by the abundance of books she’s published, this is her twenty-third book. She is currently finishing an additional two books, that should hit the stores by the holidays.

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