A Heart of Courage & Faith

by C D Swanson


Book Details

Kim Larson’s life was anything but idyllic. Homeless and bullied, she has an epiphany which not only changes her path in life, but others as well.

Kim Larson survived a wretched childhood, her mother’s death, and being bullied in school. During a life-altering moment, she goes forward on a path of self-determination. Promising to make an impact upon graduation, she moves to a new state to implement her plan of choice. Many lives will be affected, and forever changed, when they come into contact with Kim, the girl who made it despite her prior circumstances.


About the Author

C D Swanson

C D SWANSON is a Christian writer who in addition to her books, has a devotional website, has contributed to various magazines, and her prose was selected to accompany a calendar to raise money for childhood cancer. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart and they live with their “boy” on the East Coast. The Author states, “I write for God as He is my constant source of inspiration.” Her degrees are in human services, psychology, and health administration.

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