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Poetry is a light that arouses our curiosity, heightens our awareness, awakens our passions, and stimulates our emotions—allowing our imagination and dreams to soar!

Each poem and poetic selection in Love and Paper Rumors emanates from an aspect within, based upon personal exploration or experience of an inner journey. What we feel, the way we think, act, and react, and how we focus our attention determine the choices we make and the directions in which we move, along with what we actuate. Love and Paper Rumors offers readers insight into the myriad opportunities by which we can discover and embrace our own essence—our inner truths—based upon our curiosity, desires, readiness, self-love, and profound wisdom.


About the Author

Elwood G. Edwards

Elwood G. Edwards is a native of North Carolina and grew up in housing projects: Craven Terrace in New Bern, North Carolina, and Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Boys High School, and graduated from the City College of New York in Harlem. He spent his professional career as a mathematician, mathematics educator, administrator, consultant, and college instructor. He was managing editor of Ariadne’s Web magazine, and Love and Paper Rumors is his fourth published book of poetry.

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