Storybook of Love

by Elwood Gene- Mishmah


Book Details

Every step along the journey of life has the potential of becoming a flowery footprint that blossoms into love, peace, friendship, kindness, and compassion.

Storybook of Love is a compendium of nuggets of wisdom presented through poetical writing, employing various themes that keep the reader interactive in a conversational manner. Focus is on inspiration, love, friendship, and dreams. Introspection is carefully weaved throughout as a means to enable the reader to gain the nuggets of wisdom. The reader is engaged both as a hearer and listener. Indulge in this uplifting collection. Reflect and enjoy the journey.


About the Author

Elwood Gene- Mishmah

Elwood Gene - Mishmah is a retired Career mathematician, mathematics educator, andadministrator. Since his retirement, he spends his time traveling, research, writing, and self-publishing. Storybook of Love is Mishmah’s latest publication.

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