Love Light & Freedom Impact

by Elwood Gene Edwards


Book Details

Whispering Love Light is a voice calling for liberation

Love Light is a melody that resonates without and within, and excites the heart; for, it breathes life into all creation as an integrative symphony of harmony and beauty. Poetry, like music is often gentle and sweet, and lingers as light in the heart and soul like a fragrance, aromatically, as fresh as that of a bright red rose blooming in the early spring. Love Light & Freedom Impact is a blend of poems that gives its readers a feeling of self-awareness, individuality, liberation; and a sense of being in harmony and in balance with one’s self and others.


About the Author

Elwood Gene Edwards

Elwood Gene Edwards is an author, researcher, and poet, who has self-published six books of poetry. He writes mainly about love, friendship, self-improvement, aspiration, and inspiration. He is also a genealogist and enjoys creating recreation puzzles in mathematics. Elwood currently resides in Palm Coast, Florida.

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